Dogs For Adoption

  • Buddy Perkins

    Buddy Perkins

    Medium Male Staffy x, 1 year 8 months

    Buddy Perkins, a.k.a. ‘Helicopter Tail’, is bursting with loving energy. When he is most happy his tail spins around in circles so quickly you may be worried he’ll take off...

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  • Touza


    Large Male American Bulldog x Boxer , 2 years 8 months

    Hey there! I’m Touza. So... if you’re going to take me home it is best I tell you a little about myself. Chats with my humans are the best. I’m a great listener and just so you know my focus is on you I’ll tilt my head and wag my tail...

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  • Shaquila Jezruddin

    Shaquila Jezruddin

    Medium Female Whippet x, 6 years 7 months

    Shaquila is a sweet, gentle girl looking for an equally caring, easy-going family to call her own and dote on lovingly...

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  • Letitia


    Small Female Pomeranian x, 5/03/ 2010

    Letitia (or “Lettie” for short) is a small-sized dog with a big personality! Happy, playful, and much more confident than when she first arrived at VDR, this little lady loves people and engages with new friends and old...

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  • Lincoln


    Small Male Maltese x, 7/03/2015

    Please Note: Lincoln needs to be rehomed with another dog and he needs further socialisation . If you are prepared to put the hard yards in read on...

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  • Jess O'Hara

    Jess O'Hara

    Large Female Greyhound x Staghound, 1 year 6 months

    Meet Jess O’Hara. And here are her good points: She’s house trained; nice, sweet and gentle with people, good on lead and will sit and stay for food and treats...

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  • Mossi


    Small Male Miniature Fox Terrier x, 8 years 5 months

    Mossi is a loving and snuggly little bundle. He loves to cuddle up in the evenings and sit by you during the day. He doesn't have a lot of energy but does like a little walk and a play with his ball...

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  • Coco - Foster Carer Wanted

    Coco - Foster Carer Wanted

    Medium Female Staffy x, 1 year 7 months

    Coco is a lovely girl with a happy go lucky nature. Her favourite thing in the whole world is her human. Second favourite is chasing tennis balls. And chewing tennis balls...

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  • Binky


    Small Male Poodle x, 6 years 3 months

    Say Hello to Binky! This little cutie is best suited to being an only dog. Give him a tennis ball and you might just be in the presence of the happiest dog in the world....

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  • Cherub is not available - he is trialling his new home

    Cherub is not available - he is trialling his new home

    Small Male Fox Terrier x Jack Russell Terrier , 13 years

    Cherub would prefer an only dog home and is okay with cats. His very gentle and loves nothing more than snuggling with his people...

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  • Sonja  is not available - she is trialling her new home

    Sonja is not available - she is trialling her new home

    Small Female Chihuahua x Jack Russell , 2 years

    Sonja can be a shy little girl when you first meet her. But, once she has established trust this sweetheart is very affectionate and playful. Sonja understands the commands to “sit” and “stay” and is a quick learner...

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  • Villandra


    Small Female Chihuahua x, 5/06/2015

    Please note: Villandra is to go to a home with another male dog of similar age and high energy level. Adorable Villandra, fondly known as Villi is a little sweetheart...

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  • Rosie - Foster Carer Wanted

    Rosie - Foster Carer Wanted

    Medium Female Labrador x Sighthound, 25/07/2011

    Gorgeous Rosie adores dogs and is happiest when with her people. She is more than happy to socialise and hang out with you at your local cafe. Rosie has beautiful manners...

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  • Tomkins


    Male Terrier x, 15/06/2013

    Tomkins is the ultimate rough diamond. To his number one person, he will be simply brilliant. He will dance with delight when you get home, play fetch for hours on end then stretch out at your feet with a contented smile on his face that says "thank you for saving me" ...

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  • Lennie Gladstone

    Lennie Gladstone

    Medium Male Springer Spaniel x, 10/08/2008

    Lennie is a very affectionate and loyal dog. He is happy to stare adoringly at you and wag his tail crazily. He rests when you rest, but if you are up and about, he will also be active with you...

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  • Amy - Foster Carer Wanted

    Amy - Foster Carer Wanted

    Medium Female Bull Arab x, 4 years

    Beautiful and with a unique blend of playfulness and calmness that only comes along once in a lifetime, Amy is a sweet girl who brings serenity to everyone that she meets...

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  • Jaycie


    Medium Female Rottweiler x, 3 years 8 months

    A big strong girl, with a big smile and a big heart, Jaycie is a brave and gentle soul who loves her people and would make a fantastic addition to to the right home, a home where the people make their dogs a significant part of their lives...

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  • Harry Montpellier  is not available - he is trialling his new home

    Harry Montpellier is not available - he is trialling his new home

    Small Male Australian Terrier x, 20/02/2012

    Please note: At this point in time we are only accepting expressions of interest. If you are interested in adopting Harry please complete an adoption application form.
    Harry just loves to be loved. All he wants in the world is endless pats and cuddles...

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  • Stella Kay

    Stella Kay

    Medium Female Staffy x, 4/07/06

    Stella is a Staffie cross, 10 years young and full of energy. She is a very sweet girl who enjoys playing enthusiastically with her two canine foster friends, but she is quick to settle when told...

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  • Leeroy


    Medium Male Staffy x, 19/01/11

    Leeroy is a gorgeous boy with a big personality. He is energetic, very affectionate and loves to have your company, but will sunbake outside by himself for a few hours...

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  • Makko


    Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x, 22/04/2012

    Sweet Makko is a lovely boy. Happy to hop on the couch beside you but a bit worried if you go to pick him up. He is either timid or disinterested with other dogs and ignores cats...

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  • Buck


    Small Male Jack Russell Terrier , 14/06/2008

    Buck is a gorgeous little boy. He’s a happy little guy who has just discovered he loves toys – especially ones that squeak. Buck's new family will provide further training and a loving environmen...

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  • Charlie Hazeldene

    Charlie Hazeldene

    Small Male Maltese x, 31/12/2014

    Please note: Charlie's new home will have another doggy friend to share life with.
    This little bundle of energy is a cutie, a flirt, a loyal friend, a thoughtful companion, a training buddy and so much more, but he isn't mad about big dogs...

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  • Sunny Featherstone

    Sunny Featherstone

    Small Male Poodle x, 10/08/2002

    Meet Sunny, a quiet boy who most enjoys the simple things in life – food, walks, and naps. Sunny would prefer to live with another dog for company in his forever home...

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  • Nessie


    Small Female Terrier x, 10/04/2010

    Nessie is an adorable terrier who loves your company all the time. She loves humans and dogs alike but is choosy who she plays with. She can be bossy with dogs and if rehomed with another dog would probably be best placed with a very placid dog...

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  • Jack O'Halloran

    Jack O'Halloran

    Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x, 16/11/2008

    Introducing our Jack O'Halloran - a laid back kinda guy. Our vet has given him a clean bill of health, he's house trained and although loves a little fuss will happily settle on his bed relaxed in his own company...

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  • Roxy is not availbale - she is trialling her new home

    Roxy is not availbale - she is trialling her new home

    Small Female Maltese x, 05/10/2011

    Cutie Roxy needs a human to form that special bond with that most canines thrive and benefit from. She's not looking to share that person with other doggy siblings either and is looking for an adult household...

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  • Olive O'Halloran

    Olive O'Halloran

    Small Female Pomeranian x, 15/11/2011

    Olive O’Halloran is a very sweet natured girl. She LOVES her sleep, but loves her food more. Her overindulgence has seen her become a bit overweight but we are working on that...

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  • Molly O’Halloran

    Molly O’Halloran

    Small Female Jack Russell Terrier x, 1/12/2004

    Molly is a little cutie just new into the care of Victorian Dog Rescue. She is looking for an adult family to take her home...

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Check out our gallery with rescue dogs of all sizes and backgrounds. They all have two things in common: each was abandoned in one way or other, and each of them is longing for a forever home, a home where they are loved, feel safe and yes -  are spoiled. Can you give that to one of these gorgeous guys?

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.